Privacy policy

MOMENT GROUP takes your personal privacy seriously. As a result, we always strive to protect your personal data in the best possible way and comply with applicable data protection regulations. Through this privacy policy, we wish to inform you about how your personal data will be processed by MOMENT GROUP and its subsidiaries*, venues* and partners (hereinafter referred to as “MG”).

*Current companies and venues include 2Entertain AB, Ballbreaker, China Teatern, Cirkusbygningen, Golden Hits, Hamburger Börs, Hansen, Intiman, KPH Matbar, Kungsportshuset, Ladies Night, Lisebergsteatern, Minnesota Communication, Oscarsteatern, Showtic, The Concept, The Theater, Vallarnas Friluftsteater, Wallmans and Wallmans Group, although these may be subject to change.

Processing of personal data

Personal data you have provided to us

Once you have given your consent to MG, you will disclose certain information about yourself to us and will also provide information in conjunction with purchases and other interaction with us (e.g., via customer services). You may also provide information to us for other reasons.

Personal data we have collected from you

When you make a purchase from MG, visit one of MG’s websites or interact with us in some other way, we will collect your personal data. MG processes information on the products you have purchased, clicked on or placed in your shopping cart at one of MG’s websites. We also process data relating to your shopping history, patterns of purchase and preferences as one of our customers. The IP address, language settings, geographical information and other data we receive when you visit one of MG’s websites are also processed.

Personal data we have collected from third parties

To ensure good customer service and record-keeping, MG uses an accredited supplier in order to automatically retrieve and update your personal data from the population register.

Purposes and legal grounds for processing your personal data

MG may process your data either because you give your consent or because it is required in accordance with, for example, law or regulation. Giving your consent to processing of your personal data is purely voluntary, and may be withdrawn at any time.

Providing you have given your consent, we process your personal data for the following reasons:

  • In order to send you newsletters and other marketing materials.
  • In order to improve our communication, service, products and solutions.
  • In order to keep our customer directory updated with your current address, via your personal ID number.
  • In order to adapt MG’s websites to your behaviour and preferences.

Direct marketing

Provided you give your consent, MG will process your personal data for marketing purposes. Your data may be used for direct marketing, newsletters, customer satisfaction surveys and statistical purposes, as well as for campaigns conducted by post, e-mail, text or other digital channels, until such time that your consent is withdrawn. You may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting customer services or clicking on the cancellation link in e-mails and newsletters. We comply with the guidelines of the Swedish Marketing Act regarding advertising to children.


Providing you give your consent, MG will use your personal data in order to analyse your shopping history and behaviour, and your behaviour on the websites of our subsidiaries, in order to gain more information about you as a customer and our customers in general, and to enhance our portfolio (profiling). For the same purposes, we may also process any personal choices or preferences you have shared with us, for example, that you have a child or are interested in a particular category of goods. We do this by analysing the purchases you have made previously and the products you have looked at or placed in your shopping cart. This information is used to specifically tailor the offers we make to you.

We process your personal data to comply with legal obligations in the following scenarios:

  • To provide you with information about the purchases you have made at MG’s websites, including order acknowledgements, delivery information, etc.
  • To deliver the purchases you have made at MG’s websites or physical points of sale to your designated address.
  • To take payment for the purchases you have made if you have chosen to pay by invoice.
  • To issue digital receipts for the purchases you have made.
  • To comply with the terms of the Swedish Accounting Act and the Swedish Consumer Sales Act, for example.
  • To honour our agreements or meet our obligations in relation to you.

Information about cookies

MG uses cookies to enhance your customer experience and give you relevant information and offers. Cookies also tell us whether you have visited the website previously and which sides you have navigated to. A cookie is a small text file that is sent from a website and then stored locally on the visitor’s hard disk. Under your browser’s settings, you can specify that you wish to receive a message before a website sends a cookie to your computer. You may then choose whether to accept or reject the cookie. You may also specify not to receive cookies at all. Since different browsers work in different ways, use the help menu to find the relevant settings in your browser.

Who may gain access to your personal data?

Your personal data may potentially be shared with entities which process such data on our behalf; so-called personal data processors. We disclose personal data to the following:

Other companies within MG. As MG is an international company, some of your personal data may be disclosed to companies in the Group which operate in other countries.

Suppliers of IT systems and their partners within development and support. Such companies provide services, technical solutions and platforms to support MG’s customer relationship management.

Suppliers of address data. MG uses an accredited supplier in order to automatically retrieve and update your address from the population register.

Partners which process payment. In order to process payments made by MG’s customers, we use external suppliers to guarantee secure payment solutions.

Other partners. As an MG customer, we would also like to give you access to benefits from our partners. This means that, in order to give you the opportunity to take advantage of the offers and benefits they provide, we may need to share certain personal data with them, such as your name, e-mail address and mobile number. Offers associated with external partners will only be sent from subsidiaries/partners of MG, and the personal data provided to them will only be used so you can identify yourself as an MG customer.

Transfer of personal data to third countries

As a general rule, along with our suppliers and partners, we will only process your personal data within the EU/EEA. In cases where your personal data is processed outside the EU/EEA, there is either a ruling from the commission that the third country in question can provide an adequate degree of protection, or appropriate protective measures are taken which ensure your rights are safeguarded. We transfer personal data to the USA under the contractual clauses of the EU Commission permitting transfers to third countries. If you wish to receive a copy of the protective measures which MG has adopted, or details of where such measures are made available, you can get in touch with us (see Contact details).

How long will we store your personal data?

We will never process your personal data for longer than is permitted under the applicable law, regulation, practice or official decision. Data may be stored for a longer period under the terms of the Swedish Consumer Sales Act or the Swedish Accounting Act, for example. Personal data is stored and processed in MG’s IT systems. Data relating to your purchases may be stored for a period of 36 months by consent, otherwise for 6 months.

You may contact us at any time in order to withdraw your consent and ask us to remove your personal data.

Your rights

Under current data protection legislation, you are entitled to gain access to information about the personal data we process which relates to you, and request correction of such data where necessary.

Under certain circumstances, for example, if you withdraw your consent, object to our processing of data or believe it is unnecessary for the purposes in question, you are further entitled to request deletion or restriction of your personal data, or object to our processing activities. Under certain circumstances, you are further entitled to obtain the personal data about you which you have provided to us in a structured, widely used and machine-readable format, and may also transfer this to another controller of personal data.

You are entitled, at any time, to withdraw all or part of the consent you have given regarding processing of personal data, effective from the date on which the withdrawal is made (inclusive). You are further entitled, at any time, to object to the processing of your personal data for the purposes of direct marketing and profiling.

All communication and measures adopted by MG in relation to your rights is provided free of charge. In cases where requests are made on clearly unfounded or unreasonable grounds, MG reserves the right either to impose a fair charge in order to cover the administrative costs associated with providing the information, adopt the measure requested or refuse to comply with the request.

If you wish to file a complaint in relation to our processing of your personal data, this may be submitted to the Swedish Data Protection Authority or other competent regulatory authority which supervises the activities of companies which process personal data.

Contact details

If you wish to exercise your rights as specified above or want to get in touch with us regarding our processing of your personal data, please contact MG’s customer service team by telephone on the numbers below.

Denmark: +45 (0)33 16 37 00
Sweden +46 (0)771-13 43 00
Norway: +47 (0)23 22 65 90

You can write to MG’s data controller at the following address:
Personuppgiftsombudet, Moment Group AB
Trädgårdsgatan 2
411 08 Göteborg

This information about processing of personal data was approved by MG on 22 May 2018.