Important information

Here you will find important information regarding your visit at the Circus Building’s nightclub. Please read this and do not hesitate to contact us via telephone +45 3316 3700 or email if you have any questions.

Please share this information with the rest of your company.


23.30Arrival – Welcome to the Circus Building
?The nightclub is open as long as there is a good atmosphere and guests on the dance floor

Dress Code

Dress to impress! Our guests are dressed for a festive night, so find your nice clothes and polish your dancing shoes!

We love that our guests have different styles and tastes, but do not  accept club badges, back badges and political messages.

We reserve the right to reject guests at the door if you do not comply with our dress code, regardless of whether you have bought a ticket in advance or at the door.


Be aware that it is not possible to pay with cash in the Circus Building.

The cloakroom

Our cloakroom is free and staffed throughout the evening.

You are not allowed to bring outerwear and large bags into the Circus Hall due to safety reasons. Only small handbags are allowed. If you need to store a larger bag in the cloakroom, the guards in the Circus Building may require to take a look inside.

Loose items such as hats, gloves and scarves must be placed in a closed bag or pocket and not in, for example, a jacket sleeve, where they risk falling out. The Circus Building does not take responsibility for loose items that have not been stored correctly.

If your clothes or possessions in the cloakroom get damaged during your visit, we offer compensation up to a maximum of DKK 1,000. Documentation of the damage having occured during your visit in The Circus Building may be requested.

Age limit

The age limit for participating in the Circus Building’s nightclub is 25 years.


When you book tickets online at, the payment is made automatically.

If you contact Customer Care by phone or mail, the payment will be made by telephone via your credit card. If the payment has not already been made, we will ask you to transfer the amount within 3 business days after booking. You will receive a separate mail with a link for payment.

Unless otherwise agreed, you will not automatically receive a receipt for your payment from us. Completed payment will appear in your online bank. For foreign transfers please use the link for payment that you have received in a separate mail.


When you have paid for entrance to the Circus Building’s nightclub you will receive a confirmation from us as a thank you for your purchase. You do not receive a ticket (s) and therefore the confirmation is your proof of purchase.

Service fee incl. VAT

The Circus Building’s service fee covers The Circus Building’s average costs associated with handling your purchase. The amount will be between DKK 0 and DKK 50 per purchased ticket – depending, among other things, on the category and the terms we have negotiated with our ticket system.


It is not possible to get a refund for purchased tickets for Circus Building’s nightclub.

Show responsibility and respect

A visit to Wallmans in the Circus Building is a party with entertainment, good food and drink. There can be up to 1000 guests at a Dinnerparty, and we expect all our guests to show responsibility and respect.

As a guest, you will be kindly escorted out of the building in the following cases:

  • By behavior that is a nuisance to our staff and the other guests.
  • Under the influence of drugs/intoxicants.
  • In case of vomiting as a result of excessive consumption of alcohol. You will subsequently be charged DKK 800 for the damage to the Circus Building’s inventory.
  • By forcing a fire door without this being justified.


If you, as a guest, do not follow the staff’s/security’s instructions, this may result in expulsion

No to sexual harassment and violence

We clearly distance ourselves from behaviors such as sexual harassment, abusive behavior, violence and violent behavior, both in relation to our employees and our guests. Behavior of these types can lead to expulsion from our venue.

Force majeure

The Circus Building is entitled to cancel the event in case of force majeure: an incident over which we have no influence and which cannot be predicted.

The customer cannot invoke force majeure as grounds for cancellation. In case of force majeure, cancellation of the event due to COVID-19 or other pandemic (as a result of legislation, orders from authorities or closure based on the current situation) a voucher will be issued on the receivable amount, which will be valid for 3 years.

The amount paid in will not be refunded.

Lost property

Did you forget anything in the Circus Building, please contact us via email

An administration fee will be charged for handling the lost property if you want it to be send.