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practical info

In the Circus Building we organise events throughout the year. We guarantee you professional advice throughout the process: everything from idea development and continuous planning to execution and evaluation.

Our standard contract conditions are drawn out in a way that ensures a minimal risk of misunderstanding. When renting Wallmans at the Circus Building, we initially send you an offer. The final agreement must be signed by both parties. We are always ready to send you an informal offer. Should you have any questions or need any additional information send us a quick inquiry and get a quick answer.


In the Circus Building we offer parking at Axel Towers.

Safe to Visit

In the Circus Building we are affiliated with our trade association HORESTA’s “SAFE TO VISIT” program. 


If you are organising an event, for which you require hotel accommodation in Copenhagen for you and your guests, we have good relationships with many hotels in the city.


When you hire the Circus Building’s facilities, you are not allowed to bring your own food and beverages. Our kitchen and restaurant are available and happy to help you come up with the perfect catering for your event.


When Wallmans show is a part of your event, we reserve the right to change the show’s composition and content if the artists get injured or sick.


It is possible for wheelchair users and other people with disabilities to visit the Circus Building. Wheelchair users are always placed at the 5th level in the Circus Hall. The lift in our foyer will transport wheelchair users to the big Circus Hall. We can accommodate a maximum of 4 guests in wheelchairs per evening. Please be aware that it is only possible to be seated in category B due to fire safety.

In our foyer there are two toilets for disabled guests (well sign-posted). If you are a wheelchair user or are having difficulty walking, please let us know when you book your event, so our staff can help you to the best of their ability on the day.

We are the “God-Adgang” mark, which means that we can welcome people affected by various types of disabilities.