safe to visit


In the Circus Building we are affiliated with our trade association HORESTA’s “SAFE TO VISIT” program. It gives you the guarantee that we meet the authorities’ requirements and recommendations for guest service, cleaning and hygiene. All staff members will be scanned daily for fever and checked for others symptoms of COVID-19. 

For you and your company it means that you are now able to conduct your next conference, company party or award show in the Circus Building with up to 500 people cf. the authorities’ guidelines.

The Circus Building is closed until April 5 due to the Danish government’s new restrictions regarding COVID-19.

In the Circus Building we provide:

When you arrive 

Dinner & Show 

Hand sanitizing devices are of course available throughout the Circus Building.  

We look forward to welcoming you and your company!

NB! We follow the authorities’ guidelines, which is why we are adapting continuously.