The Circus Hall


The Circus Arena is an impressive space, overwhelming visitors with its grandeur and modern technology – not to mention the indelible presence of history.

In the summer of 2017 a brand new stage was built with 4 large LED screens, which together creates an almost 120 m2 area in the Circus Hall. The effect of this new stage will be a totally indescribable 180 degree field of vision in the Circus Hall.

We also have a first-class lighting with about 100 moving lights from Martin Lighting, covering both the stage and the entire Circus Hall. All lights are controlled by a GrandMa2 light console. Our sound system is from Meyer Sound, one of the most recognized sound systems in the world. The fantastic space is therefore now equipped with both surround sound and surround


The hall is an auditorium with 7 plateaus and a stage. The hall is 1225 m2 big (21 m to the ceiling), and the foyer is 515 m2 big.

200 – 1000 people.

Floor plan of the Circus Hall.


  • Stage with catwalk
  • Setup of tables and chairs (standard)
  • Main foyer with 2 bars
  • Cloakroom (served)

The lightning in the circus hall:

The Circus Hallis a huge, impressive space with a wonderfully high ceiling. Our state-of-the-art equipment provides the very best, customised lighting on the Hall’s various stages: both the main stage and the other, smaller stages located throughout the space. At the tables, which are arranged on seven plateaus, the level of lighting is more subdued. That is particularly the case on the rear plateaus. On the lower plateaus closest to the stage, you can achieve a reasonable level of lighting at the tables. If you have any questions about lighting in the Circus Hall or would like to see the options with your own eyes, please feel free to contact us.


  • Own Event Producer
  • Own technical department
  • Possibility of branding (extra charge)


The Circus Hall is already equipped with sound and light for the Wallmans show, and our professional technicians can create a light show to suit your event.

  • Standard lighting in the Circus Hall as well as on stage
  • 3 handheld wireless microphones and 2 wiresless headsets.
  • 2 LED side screens (6,5 x 4 m = 26 m2)
  • 1 LED front screen (6,5 x 5 m = 32,5 m2)
  • 1 LED back screen (6 x 5 m = 30 m2) with 3 pillars on each side (extra charge)
  • Wireless network / internet access
  • Staff: 1 sound technician, 1 lighting technician, 1 stage manager

Our technical staff must always be present during events in the Circus Hall. They can take care of any LCD & video presentations. We charge extra for lighting design and production.

If you need any extra equipment, the Circus Building will be happy to assist you in hiring it.

Download the PDF with technical specifications relating to sound, lighting, monitors etc.